Here is a birds eye view of the basics of Shotgun. Because Shotgun is designed to augment Blender’s existing keymap most of the hotkeys will be the same as what you’re already used to. For a more detailed reference of every hotkey see the list of all keymaps. To learn more about the addon see Shotgun Manager For instructions on how to install it see the installation.


There are a few basic hotkeys that are standardized across areas:

  • Ctrl-A: is select all/toggle select
  • Double Click: select group (what determines a group depends on the specific area)
  • Alt-Left Mouse: border select (shift to extend)
  • Alt-Right Mouse: lasso select (shift to deselect)
  • Alt-Right Click: move cursor (in the dope sheet and graph editor it changes the current frame)
  • Ctrl-Alt-Click: Add new point (e.g. extrude vertex)


When UV editing border select is Ctrl-Alt-Left Mouse